Your guide - Martin Langby

Rhone Bike Tours came about after taking some friends visiting from overseas for a 2.5 hr ride from my doorstep.

I thought they should experience the Via Rhôna and the pleasures of cycling alongside the Rhône river and also stop off at certain places to learn something about the Roman history, the wines and the river culture that has shaped this region.

They loved it and I really enjoyed guiding them so I decided to offer this moment of relaxation and discovery to river boat tourists stopping off in Vienne !

Hi, I began as an assistant cycling guide in 2014. Since then I have ridden with river boat tourists from all around the world and have experienced with them how agreeable it is to start the day with a pleasant pedal along the Rhone river, down to the crop area and to the foothills of the Côte Rôtie vineyards of Ampuis south of Vienne.

I know where to ride in this area to please anyone and can not only guide you safely but also tell you historic stories about the area and answer your questions about local culture.

I was born in Australia but having a wife from Vienne I have lived in this region since 1996. Since then I have explored all of the cycling opportunities of Vienne & the surrounding region and know the cycling routes and off-road trails like the back of my hand. 

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